Escaped Doodles

The end of May 2018 Denise and I made the jump to living full time in our travel trailer. Quite a change from "normal life".

This journal is a log of our travels with descriptions of the trials and tribulations we've gone through. Below are a few recent posts. Check out the links below for additional posts.

July 15, 2021 - Back to Prescott Valley

After leaving Yaak River we headed straight, pretty much, for Prescott Valley. Well, still on secondary roads and leaning towards roads we hadn't been on before. It took us 10 days to get from Montana to Arizona, a blistering pace for us.

From Yaak River we took Hwy 56 south to Hwy 200. 56 was new to us but we'd bicycled 200 some 25 years ago. Decided this rather than through Kalispelle and Hwy 83. We haven't driven 83 but taking 200 was quite a bit faster. (We'll be back for Hwy 83.) Driving 200 was interesting, more for what we didn't remember than for what we did.


July 5, 2021 - Livin' up North

We spent the last half of June in way northern Washington and way northern Montana. Almost all our time was in two campgrounds, Sullivan Lake and Yaak River. Good to slow down.

We found a nice campground at Sullivan Lake, off Hwy 31 some 10 miles from the Canadian boarder. Very close to Idaho but still in Washington. There was a "beach" at the lake and the kids got to go swimming. Not a great beach but they liked it. There is also an grass air strip adjacent to the CG....


June 15, 2021 - Movin' on Up

Movin' up the states going north. However, one goal of this trip was to visit Klamath Falls, our old long time home, to visit and to pick up some lapidary equipment. So from Craters of the Moon it was a straight shot to Sourthern Oregon.

One stop over in Mountain Home RV Park. This is a G7 park, owned by the same folks that own Desert Gold, and we've stayed here before. It's a nice park with trees and grass. Since our last visit it's been expanded considerably, but still....


May 31, 2021 - Back on the Road Again

After a little over a year hiding from the Pandemic we're back on the road. We started traveling again May 13, 2021. So far so good.

Our last report was July 2020. We stayed in Prescott Valley during the summer. Hugh made some cabinets for the shop and got it in reasonable shape. He also decided to obtain a small lathe and mill for the shed in Brenda. He spent some time working to convert both to CNC....


Oct. 1, 2019 - Cottonwood & Chaco

After the North Rim we made a two day stop in Kanab to restock and wash. Kanab is a nice small town just over the Arizona boarder. We must have jostled some more hard pack in the black tank loose, as it would not drain upon arrival in Kanab. The good news is we're getting good at diagnosing and clearing blockages. Couple of hours later we have empty gray and black tanks, and a full fresh tank. Ready to go again.

After Kanab we went out Hwy 89 and up Cottonwood Canyon. The canyon goes north about half way between Kanab and Page.....


Sept. 15, 2019 - North Rim

We left Brenda Monday, Labor Day. It was still way too hot so good to get out of there. Headed for Flagstaff.

Dumped tanks on Sassy (the new Bigfoot Trailer) on the way out. The black tank would not dump, thought it was the valve. Too hot to fuss with so we just headed north. It was very busy on I17, but everyone was going the other way, back to Phoenix. Glad we're not in that traffic jam, and not going back to that heat, and not going to a city, and....

We stayed at Woody Mt CG in Flagstaff. Needed a full hookup to straighten out the black tank problems. The black still would not drain. So, after a few go arounds on the Internet Hugh figured out....


One Year on the Road

Oh the places you'll go, the things you'll see! It's been one year since we started this full time traveling adventure. We've been a few places and seen some things. We've at least touched Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Some 25,000 miles and a lot of campgrounds. Close to half of that 25,000 miles has been towing. But most of our time has been spent in South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

It has been a most excellent but challenging adventure. Not a vacation, which we knew from previous long trips.


Who? Who the heck are you?

Well, there are two of us:

Before moving to Klamath Falls Denise grew up in Toledo, OH and spent time on the Cape in MA. She did a lot of bicycling including racing and touring. She has always enjoyed the outdoors spending time hiking and backpacking. Denise has had a dog or two for at least the last 40 years. She retired from Occupational and Massage Therapy in 2013.

Hugh grew up in Klamath Falls, OR also enjoying the outdoors.....