Pleasure-way Excel TS

Are we crazy or what. We bought our 2010 Pleasure-way Excel in 2024 but plan to keep our 25' Bigfoot. Sounds a little crazy but there is some logic behind it. We are now, in 2024, snowbirds. We winter in the desert near Quartzsite and summer in the north, in our case in Prescott Valley some 125 miles north. We use Sassy (Bigfoot) as our winter home. Without her we'd be stranded in the snow. So we keep Sassy.

But campgrounds and RV parks are so crowded, particularly in the summer, that one needs reservations. We don't like traveling that way. Our plan for our camper van (Class B RV) is to get off pavement and boondock far more. We should be able to also tow Brutus (side x side) for offroad adventures along the way.

Pleasure-ways, and similar camper vans, have very little ground clearance. As is they aren't capable off pavement, and the hangey down bits (like plumbing) are fragile. We plan to "lift" the van some 5" for more ground clearance. Two wheel drive should be OK with adequate ground clearance. Workable for most off pavement use, not offroad but off pavement. A more complete description of our thinking is here.

Then there are all the modifications we make to all our RVs. We may add some solar, although the Pleasure-way has a Onan generator. The Excel TS has a couch that flattens into a bed via an electric motor. Slick, but can't really leave the bed made up all the time. We'd prefer their Excel TD model which has twin beds. That may be another needed mod. All these will be documented as they are done here. Stay tuned.

Safe Travels.