Shasta Trailer Renovation

Between 2009 and 2013 we renovated a 1955 Shasta 1500 trailer. We initially thought it would take a year but this turned into four. It was quite an adventure but we're quite pleased with the results.

The restoration is complete. We had her all the way down to the frame. We're calling it a renovation rather than a restoration as we replaced most of the original systems with newer, more functional, ones. We've also left her in polished aluminium attire rather than in paint.

Soon after finishing the renovation in early 2013 we took a two month trip through Arizona with her. There were four of us, Denise, Hugh and the two dogs. It was a little crowded but a lot better than a tent. A wonderful trip and we look forward to many more.

Restoring/renovating an old trailer is like restoring a classic car. You'll never get the $ you put into it out. If you want a restored classic trailer you're likely better off buying one, or hiring someone to do it for you. It'll be less expensive, if you count your time at any hourly rate, and will take less time. But if you enjoy this kind of work, and view it as a hobby, it's a great adventure. And as a bonus you have a fully renovated trailer built exactly as you want it in the end.

We sold Shasta in August 2016. In summer 2014 we bought a 2011 Escape-19 fiberglass trailer. Although we loved Shasta and the birch interior was friendlier, the Escape has a few major advantages. 1) A bathroom, 2) A queen sized bed, 3) more room. It didn't make sense to keep both trailers so we reluctantly decided to sell Shasta.

We kept a journal as we did the renovation. You can read it to get a blow by blow description. If you're still thinking of restoring an old trailer it may be of use.