Machining & CNC

I have a small machine shop for personal use. It is a hobby with little thought to making any money from it (but then again....). As an engineer I truly like building things. Also machining, particularly things one has designed, is a sure way to improve ones design skills.

I have a 14" Goodway lathe, SuperMax knee mill converted to CNC, horizontal band saw, TIG welder, D-bit grinder and a multitude of hand tools. Also a fairly complete Sherline "combo machine" converted to CNC and set-up for travel. Finally, I've converted a bench mill and bench lathe to CNC for use at our winter digs in Benda, AZ. I also have enough projects to keep me busy for many many years.

In 2020 we bought a house in Prescott Valley. That allowed me to move the large equipment into a two car garage. We're not there for extended peroids yet, still traveling most of the year, but it is set up and functional again.


It seems most of my time is fitting out shops rather than making things in the shops. However, besides the bicycles documented separately, I have a few projects that aren't building more machine tools. Here are a few notable projects.