Model Engines

I've had the desire to build a model engines since I was about 8 years old. I stumbled into a basement machine shop and saw a model aircraft engine being constructed. It was a revelation, that anyone could obtain the equipment and the knowledge to do that in a home shop. Since then I've wanted to build one, or several, model engines. I've recently retired and now have more time to pursue this, although I'm somehow still short on time.

Webster Four Stroke

The first engine build I tackled was a small single cylinder four stroke gas engine. It was designed by Joe Webster and I downloaded the plans from his website. I think the site has now disapeared but the plans are still available from several sources.

It runs well on Coleman white gas. I do need to bring it out when the weather improves and fine tune it. With other projects and travels the build took me right at two years to complete. A build log is avaible on the Model Engine Maker forum. Browse around this forum if you want to be amazed by the work that can come out of a home shop. I'll never be able to do many of those things. But, after the Webster, I can at least say that I can build a model engine that runs.