Making Pool Cues

I played pool for a year or two in college, but that was awhile ago. Flash forward 50 years, the RV Park where we winter has four table so I started playing again.

I would like to continue my learning with a "low deflection shaft". Such a shaft has a low mass for the first 8" or 10". As I understand it this lowers the sideways deflection imparted to the cue ball. Still some, but less than a standard shaft. It takes some adjustment to use a low deflection shaft if one learned with a standard shaft. It then seems useful to learn with the low deflection shaft so no future adjustment would be needed. Thus, before embarking to learn side spin I'd like to obtain such.

I have an inexpensive cue I've used for a year or two. I thought I could get a low deflection shaft for this cue, but the joint is threaded backwards. This cheep cue has the threaded pin on the shaft rather than the butt. This is backwards so I can't find a new shaft for it, much less one with low deflection. Bummer, but it is a very inexpensive cue.

I could just buy a nice cue. They are expensive but within reach. However, as poor as I play I'd feel self conscious walking into a pool hall with a nice production cue.

So, I decided to build a nice butt (handle) and purchase a low deflection shaft for it. I don't think I could build a better low deflection shaft than can be purchased. But I should be able to build a nicer butt than I can afford to buy. I'd then have a cue I made and feel pride using, rather than being self conscious.

It also sounded like a good project.