PM1022 Bench Lathe CNC Conversion

Scissor Knurl

I built a scissor knurling tool for the 10" lathe. I've always used the stock QCTP knurling tool on the large lathe but doing that on this small lathe may overload it. It is pretty simple overall and follows similar designs. I did redesign the details to use as many stock parts as possible. The pivot bolts are stock shoulder bolts. In the above picture you can see the shoulder bolts for the rollers are a little long. I've meant to grind them flat but haven't yet found the need to. The picture below shows the back side. It is made to fit on a tool post, in my cast a quick change tool holder.

It is a speciallty tool that I don't use that often. Thus I haven't used it much but it does seem to work well.