PM1022 Bench Lathe CNC Conversion

Three Jaw Chuck

I bought a Shars 5" three jaw chuck (202-1790) for the 10" lathe. No real problem with the stock 3 jaw but this Shars has two piece jaws. This allows soft top jaws to be used. I really like soft top jaws. They are cut true once installed on the chuck and stay as true as the scroll in that chuck. If desired they can be machined to hold a specific part. Also, they are smooth and not as likely to mark up work in the chuck. I made these of aluminum but mild steel is also a good option. If they be too beat-up one can re-machine them in part or just make new ones. I made two sets of jaws. Oh, the back plate was from Precision Matthews.

The soft jaws are somewhat bigger than the original jaws. Those original jaws can be re-installed if desired.