#3 SWB Recumbent Specs

TABLE 1 : SWB Specifications
My Bike [My Wife's]
Design: Short Wheel Base
Steering: Above Seat
Wheelbase: 38" [35"]
Seat Height: 24" [23"]
BB Height: 23" [24"]
Head Tube Angle: 73 deg (1)
Seat Back Angle: 50 deg (adjustable)
Weight: 35 lb
Frame: CrMo
Fork: CrMo Track Fork Blades
Construction: TIG [Fillet Brazed]
Seat: Aluminum Frame/Mesh Back/Fibreglass Base
["Easy Racer" Molded Kevlar]
Deraileurs: Sachs 3x7 +
(hand shifted) Triple Crank (2)
Rear Wheel: Sachs 3x7 Hub
20" 406 rim - Araya RB-17
36 Phil Wood - laced 3 cross
Front Wheel: Phil Wood Hub
20" 406 rim - Araya RB-17
36 Phil Wood - laced 3 cross
Tires: 20x1.75 - Tioga Comp ST
Crank: Shimano 105 Triple - 52/42/30
[TA Triple - 50/40/26] (2)
Brakes: Interloc cam + Scott Mathauser Pads
Paint: Powder Coat, Teal [Cranberry]
Rider Adjustment: Seat Tilt + Boom

(1) The fork rake was determined using a test fork which had adjustable rake. The bikes were riden for a few weeks adjusting the rake for handling and personal taste. The rake was then measured and permanent forks built.

(2) Most shifting is done with the Sachs 3x7. However, a triple crank is installed to obtain high gears and extreme low gears for touring. Chain rings are shifted by hand when stopped or, with dexterity, while riding. With this arrangement good spacing is obtained from a low gear of around 15 gear inches to a high of 125 gear inches.

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