July 2012 - Shasta Renovation

Not as much progress as I would have liked this spring, but we're back working on the Trailer.

Table Saw:

I've had an antique table saw for many years. It's works OK and is as accurate as I am. However, I learned about SawStop table saws which have a safety feature stopping the blade if you inadvertently run into it while it's running. I've always known I'd feel stupid cutting off a finger but now even more like an idiot if I could have done something to avoid it. Thus, I've purchased a SawStop Contractor Saw.

It's a great saw but the nicer fences are way too big for the space I have, although they are very nice. I bought the less expensive, and slightly smaller, contractor's fence but found it not very functional and still way too large. Thus, I decided to build a fence and at the same time put a router into the right wing.

This works great but took a couple of weeks to complete. That and a camping trip used up a lot of spring 2012.


Last fall we re-finished most of the cabinets so I've started to re-install them. Always problems getting things to line up and having framing in the right places, but it is going well. I re-installed the front shelf. The pictures show this, and a shot of the interior with the kitchen in place. The kitchen is just set in place so far but should tie in easily. I've had trouble in the past taking cabinets out because the manufacturer screwed them in from the inside and from the outside. Thus, to pull a cabinet you need to pull the aluminum skin off or curse a lot. I'm going to lengths to screw the cabinets in only from the inside so if I need to pull one (like to replace a water tank) it'll be easier.

I installed the closet which took some construction. This has an opening for the new refrigerator that needs to be closed in. It was little more trouble to put 3/4" insulation around the sides which may help the 'frig. Also framed in and cut openings for the refrigerator ventilation.

The rear of the closet needs to be installed and finishing. However, I need to plumb the propane in to the refrigerator first. I'm continuing the ceiling framing back to the closet now. I trial fit the aluminum top to better locate the ceiling vent. The fit is a little tight width wise so I've narrowed the ceiling about 1/8". It'll still be tight but we should be able to get the roof back on. Otherwise it fits well.

So, on to propane and more cabinet installation. Starting to see an end in sight, but you have to squint really hard.