Dora - Bathroom Vent

The bathroom vent, as purchased in 2011, functions well. However over the last few months it's developed a significant leak. It's a wet bath so not a complete disaster but towels and toilet paper aren't optimum when wet. So we started searching for a replacement.

There were tow options we found. First was to replace the vent with the same kind. The down side is these vents have no replacable parts and tend to go bad. The second option involves a kit from Escape to retrofit a newer vent used on the current Escpae trailers. This vent is smaller, round, and has a fan. The kit involves two fiberglass "plates" that fill in between the square hole for the old vent and the new round one. The outside plate is raised around the vent, making the roof thicker right there. We opted for the retrofit. The basic instalation went well and wasn't too much trouble. We had to fish 12V power from the closet.

It works well, but noisy when on and moves no air when off. I started thinking there should be a PWM speed controller that would work with it. I poked around the Internet and found a site that showed a retrofit for my exact fan with an inexpensive PWM controller, "Aric's Project Blog". So I ordered a controller via E-Bay.I even found one with the variable resistor already removed from the circuit board.

I was able to fit the controller into the fan without too much trouble.

The speed conrtol works very well, giving variable speed from off to full on. A great modification.

I did find the expensive Ventair fan bathroom fan to be built cheaply. Hopefully it will last as long, or longer, than the cheap vent it has replaced.