Dora - Tank & Battery Monitors

In renovating our vintage Shasta trailer I installed a Trimetric battery monitor and a SeeLevel tank monitor. These were very useful and accurate. Reading about the stock tank monitor for the Escape I learned they are marginally accurate and the only battery monitor is a voltage gage. This is true for most RVs not just the Escape. But I knew when we obtained Dora I'd be upgrading these.

I mounted both readouts above the dinnette on the street side.

The SeeLevel Tank Monitor uses capacitive sensors glued onto each tank. The first picture shows the sensor on the Grey Tank. In this picture you can see the probes used by the stock monitor. The second picture shows the fresh water tank, and the third the black tank under the dinette. I also installed a surge protector that can be seen over the black tank.

After installing the SeeLevel I worked with filling and draining the tanks a couple of times with a gallon bucket. I was able to draw calibration charts for each of the three tanks. That for the Black Tank looks like this:

You can see the original monitor gives only two levels between empty and full. The SeeLevel gives much better indication. For both there is a 2 gallon dead zone at the empty end of the range. That is due to the tank being tilted slightly for better drainage.

The Trimetric Battery Monitor uses a shunt to measure the current into and out of the battery. This is much more accurate than using battery voltage. We have a solar charger on the roof which keeps the single deep cycle battery up. Works very well.

I've been very pleased with both the SeeLevel and Trimetric. They do the job well and are both accurate enough to keep us out of trouble. I recommend both.