Dora - Inverter

Looking towards Fulltime travel with more and longer boondocking I found I couldn't change my laptop using the 12V system. All the other stuff, cell phones, kindles, etc. can be changed via 12V. But the laptops need either a special (unidentified) power supply running off 12V or an inverter to make 120V AC from 12V DC. In the later case the 120V laptop charger is used.

I opted to install a small, 700 watt, inverter specifically for changing the laptops. I mounted it under the small shelf under the dinette.

It seems very inefficient converting 12V DC to 120V AC then back to DC using the laptop charger. It's the easiest to implement though and it does work fine.

Now the remaining question is whether the solar panel and charging system can keep the batteries charged when boondocking. Or alternately, how much can we use the laptops while boondocking?